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SOQL in Salesforce – Zero to Hero

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About Course

In this course, you will learn all about SOQL – Salesforce Object Query Language

SOQL is the language Salesforce uses to communicate to the database and it is an important seeping stone in starting your Developer Journey. The Salesforce Query Language is powered by Oracle and it has everything you need and is very similar to SQL.

We will start by understanding the Query Structure of SOQL which will make it easy of you write queries.

We will cover:

– Basics of SOQL

– What is SOQL

– Why do we need SOQL

– How is SOQL an extension of SQL

– Build basic queries Out of the Box using Developer Console

– Different Operators & Clauses in SOQL : AND, OR, NOT, LIKE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING, LIMIT, OFFSET, WHERE

We will also look at use cases on how to:

– Use Null in SOQL

– Use Escape Characters in SOQL

– Use Date Specific Filters in SOQL

– Query Parent information from Child SOQL

– Query Child information from Parent SOQL

We will understand the best practices of writing effective SOQL

We will also understand the Governor Limits by Salesforce on SOQL

Lastly we will play a quiz game to see what you learnt.

Hope this course turns out to be a good learning opportunity for you and sets you up to speed for your developer journey.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to write SOQL.
  • Basics to Advanced concepts in SOQL.
  • Write effective parent to child and child to parent queries in Apex.
  • Effective Use Cases and Examples to understand different operators, clauses and functions in SOQL.

Course Content

SOQL in Salesforce – Explained
Salesforce Object Query Language is the language of the Salesforce Database which is powered by Oracle. This video can be considered as a coach course on SOQL and it will help you understand how to write effective queries, how to use operators like IN, AND, OR, GROUP BY, HAVING, OFFSET, ORDER BY, LIMIT. I cover a lot of use cases in this tutorial and this should set you up for success in writing SOQL queries yourself.

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7 months ago
Excellent !!
Thank Soo much Himansu Sir,
Hats off to you Sir.
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