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This is Himanshu! My professional career spans around 4 years of experience on Salesforce, I’ve worked on 10+ projects primarily focusing on Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, and Communities based implementations, alongside support operations for Banking & Services, ETL, Data Migration & Integration.

Primary skills include:
– Aura Framework Development
– Apex Code Development
– Triggers & Test Classes
– OOTB configuration tools including automation via Workflows & Process Builders
– Release Management via Azure DevOps, GIT

– VSCode
– JIRA & Azure DevOps
– Bitbucket
– Data Loader

Project Management Methodologies:
– Comfortable and familiar with AGILE, Waterfall & Hybrid Models

Certifications: 5x (Admin, App Builder, PD I, Community Cloud, PD II)

I am confident in my skills and specialisation. Can lead and manage a project as well as participate as a core developer.

Appreciate a positive work environment, forward-thinking mentors and leaders and attractive prospects.