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Hello there, I am Himanshu. I am a certified Technical Architect and I have worked extensively on Health Cloud, Sales Cloud & Experience Cloud domains. I build and deliver custom implementations that either help ends users or bring value and revenue to my customers. I am excellent at release management, team management, and core custom development, and I value ethics, empathy, and quality.

Apart from being a Salesforce Developer and doing a 9-5 job, I am Into Music, Into Healing, Into Therapy, Into Conscious Living, Into Minimalism, Into Plans, Into Goals, Into Meditation, Into Reading, Into Investing, Into Growing.

I’ve always been good at speaking and expressing myself, so I’ve always wanted to try teaching and helping people launch their careers or skill in this niche.

So, I started Salesforce Makes Sense to educate, training, and integrate students and learners from all over the world into the Salesforce Ecosystem and assist them in learning this skill that is in high demand and is here to stay. 

The idea was simple. Create easy-to-understand videos, that make sense (Salesforce Makes Sense) and help students easily onboard in the Salesforce ecosystem. I started this as a side hustle during COVID and I’m thrilled to report that I now have a community of more than 4000 students who watch and learn from my lectures on various platforms all over the world.

For anyone looking to get started with Salesforce, jumpstart their Salesforce journey, ace interviews, earn certifications, and most importantly, understand the ins and outs of Salesforce through simple-to-understand lectures and carefully curated sessions that turn you into a Salesforce rockstar, my videos are designed with them in mind. 

Salesforce Makes Sense offers courses that take you from zero to hero, whether your goal is to become a Salesforce Administrator or Developer, a Process Automation Expert, a Flow Builder, or an Experience Builder master.

I can ensure that my courses instill a sense of confidence and create the foundation for them to succeed as administrators, developers, and consultants. 

I appreciate you taking the time and reading this brief! Happy learning.

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