Top 20 Salesforce Interview Questions/Topics

The most common 20 interview questions/topics on Salesforce that you need to know to ace any and every developer-level interview.

Here are the set of 20 questions that are common across interviews. Also, as a Developer these are must-know topics as well.

  1. Difference between with sharing and without sharing
  2. Order of Execution in Salesforce
  3. Lightning Data Service
  5. Batch Apex – Why do we use it?
  6. SOQL vs SOSL
  7. Test Classes – Mixed DML Exception, Coverage, testSetup method, seeAllData attribute, annotations
  8. Governor Limits
  9. Profile vs Role vs Permission Sets vs Sharing Rules
  10. Flow vs Process Builder
  11. Too many SOQL 101, Mixed DML, CPU Time Limit Exceeded, Data Skew
  12. Events: Why and how to use them, types – pros and cons
  13. Encryption – Encoding & Decoding
  14. Remote Site Settings & Named Credentials
  15. Org Wide Sharing
  16. Workflows
  17. Validation Rules
  18. Integrations with a third party
  19. Custom Metadata vs Custom Settings
  20. Deployment – Types/Ways, Cycles

If you have more questions/topics/answers, please drop them below in the comments section for everyone else to refer.

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