Scenario-based questions for Salesforce Interviews

Below is the list of scenario-based questions I found common and tricky for interviews. Let’s have a quick look and see if you have the answers to these questions or not:

  1. How to cover a test class for a batch job where the batch job deals with any kind of future logic? e.g CreatedDate +1
  2. What could be the potential issue if you have multiple triggers written on the same object?
  3. How would you insert 2 LAKH records in Salesforce?
  4. How can you stop a recursive trigger?
  5. How can you update a related record via Workflows?
  6. What is wrong with this code snippet? What can be improved in this code snippet?
  7. How to clone a standard page in Lightning?
  8. How to chain processes in Apex?
  9. How to handle CPU Time Limit Exception?
  10. How to insert Contact and Lead records together?
  11. How can you navigate to a particular URL in Lightning?
  12. Can you provide real-time examples for Errors & Exceptions in Salesforce?
  13. What are the ways we can optimize a Lightning Page or a VisualForce Page?
  14. How would you debug if your VF Page or Lightning Page is loading very slowly?
  15. How to style an existing VF Page with Lightning Experience?
  16. How to create a Master-Detail field for a child object if it already has some records?
  17. If OWD for an object is marked as Private, what is the implicit visibility of the records in that object?
  18. How can you set-up an approval process via Apex?
  19. Which trigger variable is not available during insert action? (can be asked for an update and delete action as well)
  20. There’s a number field with a validation rule that it should always be less than 100. A workflow is put in place to update the number field to 200. What happens when the user enters the value as 90?
  21. What are the challenges faced while migrating Classic Implementation to Lightning?
  22. What are the different types of FLOWs in Salesforce?
  23. When to use Database.query and when do we use Database.QueryLocator and why?
  24. What is the Continuation Framework in Salesforce?
  25. How would you integrate a vendor like SAP with your Lightning Component?
  26. What are the common problems faced while implementing any kind of integration with Salesforce?
  27. Can the Pub-Sub Model be implemented for integrations in Salesforce?
  28. How can you open a quick action via Lightning Component?
  29. Can you create a record without having edit permission on some fields(standard vs custom both scenarios)
  30. How can you submit a record for approval? Both Standard and Custom implementations
  31. How can you set up a time-triggered action in Salesforce? e.g cover a scenario when Case Due Date is 2 days late and you need to send an escalation mail?
  32. How can you send an email, push notification, and a Whatsapp Message from Salesforce?
  33. How can you configure Duplicate and Matching Rules in Salesforce?
  34. What are the support processes and businessProcesses in Salesforce?
  35. How can you apply the same CSS for all your child components from your parent Aura component?
  36. What are design tokens in Lightning?
  37. What are the different types of events we can capture in Lightning?
  38. How does record sharing work?
  39. What are Value Providers in Lightning?
  40. How do you differentiate WhatId and WhoId?
  41. How can you use workspaceApi in Lightning components?
  42. How to make a portal page available differently for different users?

I will be updating the answers to these questions as and when I get time to sit with them. If you know the answers to anyone of them or if you know some other questions, please do share down below in the comment section for others to refer to.

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